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Portland is Spendy

So we had a 4 bed 3 bath house in Beaverton. My Dad found a girlfriend and they moved into her house. #SugarMama lol. Kidding. She worked a lifetime.

Any way. The point is that I was not interested in the house. So luckily the timing went with the end of a 2 year lease.

I was born in Portland and don't really pay attention to much other than myself... So I missed the very obvious price hike news.

I figured move into a suite life hotel and ride a month out looking for a new place. One month turned into 3 and might be 9.

The price and quality right now in Portland is polarized. There are no difference in price between amazing and horrible.

I moved to a small suburb of Portland for work so I thought it would make sense to find lower prices. There is not.

The cost of the Hotel is lower than the cost of a comparable situation.

I have travelled and this happens. Hollywood caters to residential hotels. Las Vegas as well.

Portland has finally hit a point where all inclusive is less expensive than comparables. I imagine that will create an additional economy in the coming years.

Anyway here is the studio apartment. I'll leave out the name for security, actually we have armed guards. It's gated. Laundry room app. Lol. It's better for now than most of what I have looked at.

I used to install the internet in these places in the 90s. It's amazing to see they lasted and I can only imagine that my next few months will be productive.

The cost per month here is slightly above 1800 all inclusive. Now that's what makes Portland spendy.

It will be nice to not have storage bills on top of the hotel once I do finally pick a place. For now though, this works.

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