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Planes... Trains and a New Year

What a year 2022 was. My dad moved in with his new girlfriend at 72 years old. I took a new job twice and moved to Troutdale.

Portland at times looks like an open air psych ward and people keep saying life is fine with blinders.

My life is good but the odd nature of those life's around me indicate problematic mentalities that do not create action or resolution.

It would be easy to just wish everyone a happy new year. So happy new year.

I think it's important to do more than wish. However there seems to be ever changing avenues for any form of service. Most of what I came across was a puppy mill approach to solving problems.

I hope the new year continues to be good for more than less. A simple wish for a simple time.

On that note..

Here is a video of a plane.

For the train...

We can't simply belly flop through 2023. I see people daily who can not train their own day.

Seems a simple solution to always be in training but an effective one.

Happy holidays.

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