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First day as Chef Stan @Jacksons

Being a great Dj is just one of my special skills. One of my other skills that actually pays is Cooking.

Today was my first day at Jacksons as the food cook. We offer over 30 items in a breakfast and lunch format. One of our most popular items is the barbacoa beef burrito and as well the chorizo burrito with potato and cheese.

I have quite a food service background and as well nightclub management background. I would not have expected that running a Jackson kitchen during a day part is much like food service in a nightclub.

We literally not figuratively prepare the food. If you have not stopped by a Jacksons with food services you are missing something.

Our ovens are pretty awesome as well. They are a combination of Radiant, convection and microwaves. They cook a whole pie from scratch in under 4 minutes. Make my day and come see me for a 8.00 Peperoni large Pizza. Just tell them you want the :Stan the Man: special

Over the coming months, ill keep ya'll updated on the progress of my new corporate life at Jacksons Food Stores

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